Saturday, 28 January 2012

Radha Soami Beas Teachings

Radha Soami Beas is actually a philosophical organization which considers the spiritual teachings of almost all the religions and devoted to a practice of inner development in the supervision of spiritual teacher.
According to the Indian language Radha Soami signifies the "lord of the soul" and Santsang talks about the people who want to seek the truth however Beas is the place where the main centre is actually situated in northern par of India. Well there are also some contemporary movements who are suing the Radha Soami name but the Radha Soami Beas is neither allied with any of these movements nor will it.
Radha Soami Beas was established or recognized in India in the year 1891 and slowly it started dispersing to other nations. At present it holds meeting in around 90 countries or even more than that throughout the world. Radha Soami Beas does not suffer from any affiliation to any of the commercial or the political organizations; it is altogether a registered non-profit society.
The philosophy of the Radha Soami Beas teaches about the personal course of spiritual development which incorporates vegetarian food, a moral way of life, daily practice of meditation and abstinence from the intoxicants. There are no hierarchies, rituals, mandatory contributions, ceremonies, or any kind of compulsory gatherings. To follow this path no member is required to give up the identity to which religion they belong to nor have to give up their religious preference.
One of the existent saints from the last nineteen years who is considered to be the spiritual heir of the Shiv Dayal Singh Ji( former leader of the Radh Soami Community), often regarded like Sant Mat, Saints teachings, is Baba Jaimal Singh Ji. The other five successor’s lineages assist to show the links among the several Sang Mat guru branches and the lines.
The teachings as well as the philosophies here are tremendous and they follow the scientific methods somewhat than only superstitions or any belief. Any individual will achieve a true salvation by just accepting their paths, which generally consists of leading ethical life and also practicing the Paanch Naam. Radha Soami Beas teachings cannot be called as myth or a means based on some superstition methods but it is a scientific method for the real seekers who are looking for truth as well as salvation. With the help of real living teachers or Saints you will surely get the new path which will provide you salvation.

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