Saturday, 28 January 2012

Radha Soami Faith

Radhasaomi Faith’s principles are basically the true methodology to realize the supreme truth, i.e. God. According to this God is present in every human being and is in the form of soul, an essence of God. Thus, in order to realize the omnipotent supreme power, the forceful spirit needs to be awakened. This according to the RadhaSaomiji Maharaj can be possible only when one adopts the teachings prescribed by the Master, Guru or Satguru. He is the only person, living who has realized the truth of supreme power, God.
They say that one should never lose heart when ill because pain comes as a result of past karmas or actions and are just a passing phase in life. Illness often makes way for mercy. One should always attend to ones bhajan and simran everyday so as to nullify his bad karmas. Thus, see the moments of pain as a blessing in disguise.
They preach to refrain from the worldly pleasures and never get attached to them. They ask to see the whole world as a dream which is truly unreal. Just concentrate on the Shabd, holy versus and enchants which is the only way one can find his way abode. One should try to put one’s mind and vision concentrate on his guru’s teachings and learn and imbibe his preaching.
An individual should not take pride in his worldly status, family or say his wealth. Even should be a teetotaller and never get intoxicated with alcohol and drugs. A person having the above attributes can never do bhajan, this can never achieve salvation, which means freedom of soul from this vicious cycle called life and realize the ultimate truth called God. Each and every breath of ours, every step we take, every word we utter has some value and time wasted once can never be regained. Life is small, so one should be always involved in Guru bhakti and Shabd bhakti to learn the truth of life.
Guru Bhakti is very important as according to RadhaSaomiji faith, Dhyan and Sumiran in the absence of a Guru is not possible and Nijdhar is continuing in human form of Sant Satgurus even after the departure of the previous master in the form of his successor which only God selects. The transfer of Nij Dhar to the current master from the previous is what makes Radhasaomiji Faith unique. The master carries the power to free souls from the worldly bondage, both in the form of mind and gray matter. Following his master’s preaching, individual can attain salvation of the soul, which should be the aim of our lives.

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